Ballu tundu

Ballu tundu is a dance style that was described as early as 1805 by Mameli and 1825 by La Marmora. It’s the traditional folk dance of Sardinia and is generally danced in a closed or open circle. In Sardinia, it is danced in a lively and animated way, incorporating agile movements and leaps, with the accompaniment of a choir of three or more singers who are in the center of the circle. The Introduction of Ballu tundu is in 2/4 time but the dance itself is done in 6"If the dancers of Ballu tundu are married or engaged couples, they can hold hands palm to palm with fingers entwined, but the male dancer can only do this with his wife, not to any other woman dancer or another man’s wife. If in case a stranger dancing is going to enter the circle, the stranger should enter it from the woman’s right and not between the husband and wife

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