About Us

Our goal is to connect the dancers of the world with studios and individual teachers, bringing the ever-expanding dance community closer together.

At DanceArk, we believe that dance is a beautiful art form which should be available to anyone with a desire to learn. That's why we've brought together the best teachers, choreographers and students to one place; our mission is to facilitate learning and ensure the growth of the beautiful craft of dance.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive listing of teachers, choreographers and studios to help guide you every step of the way along your dance journey.

Whether you're a beginner wanting to add an element of fun into your life, or a serious student looking to master your craft... the teachers are here and ready to help you reach your goals.

How It Works

All you need to do to get started is, choose the dance form you want to learn, find a teacher that matches your needs, create a free account, and start dancing! It's as easy as that. No hassle, no hidden fees.

For Students:

Find Teachers - Browse through the profiles of different teachers in your area and select the appropriate sessions for your needs. Feel satisfied scheduling sessions based around your needs and specifications including: dance style, your skill level, teacher experience/reviews, location, tuition and more.

Choose Your Session Style - Select either private or group sessions from your teacher as well as your session location. DanceArk sessions may be taken from the comfort of your own home, through online conferencing, or at a studio for a more hands-on session. Its your preference!

Create Your Account - You'll need to register to schedule your sessions. Your registration and account is completely free. Payment information is only necessary when you begin taking sessions.

Start Dancing!

Signing up for students is absolutely free. Payment information is only necessary when you schedule a session with your selected teacher or studio. You will pay directly to your teacher.

DanceArk is designed with your needs and benefits in mind, including:

A simple solution to finding teachers and studios customized to fit your individual needs with easy filters such as; dance style, skill level, availability, tuition and location.

Everything you need is right here on DanceArk.com. Simply start browsing local profiles online, eliminating the need to search dozens of Yellow Pages or search engine results and advertisements.

With no hidden fees, DanceArk.com shows your upfront, true tuition pricing. No middle-man charges or unexpected pricing.

Busy and crunched for time? Take your sessions online, via Skype, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Hit a plateau? Can't progress on your own? No problem. Schedule your sessions at a pre-decided location or studio, and receive personalized attention and sessions to get past your sticking points.

Review and leave feedback on teacher and studio profiles to let the community know about past experiences and sessions.

DanceArk.com offers a background check for teachers and studios to enroll into. This background check verifies the credentials and history of the individual to guarantee that all information provided is true.

This not only ensure the safety of our students, but also preserves the integrity of our system.

At DanceArk, we are committed to making our platform safe and secure for both the students and the teachers in order for you to relax and focus on the thing that truly matters- learning dance.